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The Psychology of Money, Prosperity and Abundance

By Kris Hallbom and Armand D’Alo What stops people from succeeding financially and having abundance in their life? The answer is generally focused around the belief that financial success is not a possibility. Many people create various barriers that keep them from having abundance. If you have limiting beliefs about money at an unconscious level, [...]

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The Secret

The Secret has become an international hit in a very short time. It is not a surprise that power of attraction is alligned with many of the presuppositions found in NLP. To buy your copy of the DVD, click here.

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My Revolutionary NLP Weight-Loss Technique

By Steve Andreas His website: His new book: Here One powerful aspect of NLP is to discover what kind of internal experience is elicited by the use of specific language. This enables us to use language in a very directed way in order to get the results that we want. Often the careful examination [...]

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