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The Power of Thought

By Roger Ellerton Phd, ISP, CMC, Renewal Technologies Inc. Look around you. Perhaps you see a chair. This chair is real and exists in time and space. Yet before it came into being, it first existed as a thought. In fact, everything in the room existed as a thought at some point in someone’s [...]

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A Proven Set of Principles to Guide You in the New Year

How many of us have set New Year’s resolutions or goals for our lives that all too quickly are forgotten or put aside until the next year? The following set of principles will help you achieve your New Year’s resolutions and much more. Read them over carefully. Challenge them, as at first reading you may [...]

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Creating Self Confidence – Cascades Of Positive Change Through NLP

For a long time, I’ve been fascinated by cascades of change. Sometimes when we think we’re changing one area, it also has a positive effect on many other aspects of life. And we may as well do all those changes together. Why insist on working with one aspect at a time, when it’s possible to [...]

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