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NLP And Neuro Linguistic Programming For Health And Wellness

NLP or Neurolinguistic Programming fits among some of the other most important healing tools of our day, such as Homeopathy, hypnosis, and energy healing. Neuro Linguistic Programming was founded by UC Santa Cruz Linguistics Professor John Grinder, Phd., and Gestalt therapist and student Richard Bandler in the 1970′s at the University of California, Santa Cruz. [...]

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Learn How To Use Mind Control – Conversational Hypnosis Course

Learn mind control techniques and methods and you will be able to influence people in life and business. You can convince people and control someone and have them what you want to do with subtle hypnosis techniques. The possibilities are unlimited when you learn conversational hypnosis an advanced form of NLP. If you want to [...]

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The Importance Of Trance Formation Neuro Linguistic Programming

Neuro Linguistic Programming is a formula of techniques and beliefs that act as an edge to personal development. It is surrounded by the principal that there is an interaction in the body, mind and language to create individual perception of the world and the behavior that can be metamorphosed by the application of different techniques. [...]

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Mirror and Matching; the basis of Rapport and Communication Skills!

By: John Santangelo www.LAnlp.com Can you remember a time when you met someone for the first time and it just seems to click? An instant bond between the two of you, an instant ‘like-ability’ or trust. You can literally FEEL, that connection! That connection is called Rapport! It is the basis and foundation for every [...]

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Choose Your Reality and Create Your Future

Each and every one of us forms mental models as to what we believe is real and what is not. These models establish how things should or shouldn’t be done and what is possible or not possible for us. For some of us, these mental models severely restrict our potential, our enjoyment of life and [...]

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