Make Your Visualization So Real You Can Touch It

By: Vincent Gray

As you probably know, the more real you make your visualizations the more power they have and the sooner they manifest in your life.

If you have seen The Secret, (if not go get it as soon as possible and watch it) you will remember the scene where you are asked to look at your hands then visualize those hands around the steering wheel of your new car.

For me this was one of the most realistic and powerful visualization exercises I have ever done. Helped a lot by the sound of the cars engine in the movie.

It got me thinking to seminar I had been on where the trainer asked us to take something physical in our hands. In this case it was a rock. Look at the item and study it in great detail. Take 2/3 minutes studying the rock. It can be a chain or anything you choose, however make sure its the same item you use every time.

After 2/3 minutes of studying the rock. Close your eyes and visualize your goal. See it in great detail, hear the sounds, feel the feelings of having achieved it. Make it as real as possible so that you are certain it will manifest in your life.

Now to supercharge the reality of this visualization. See the rock you were studying in the visualization. See it in your hand in your visualization.

And since you have been studying it for 3 minutes you know exactly what it should look like. In fact your are still holding the rock in your hand in reality as well as in the visualization. This is the link between the real and the imagined.

By holding the rock and seeing the rock in your hand in the visualization – you are making the visualization so real you can touch it (in fact your are touching the rock)

Now let that feeling of reality spread out to the rest of the visualization and see how much more powerful real it feels.

Until the next time.

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